Sultans of Istanbul Spring Tango Marathon 2024

“Türkiye’de yaşayan tango dostlarımızın Türkçe Sitemizi kullanmaları gerekmektedir”

Sultans of Istanbul Spring Tango Marathon

Bookmark 18 – 22 April 2024 !


Registrations will be available soon.

Stay Sultanic!

Sultans of Istanbul Tango Marathon & Festival Big 10! Edition was happily celebrated in November’23.

Our Big 10! edition was embraced by over 500 dancers from all over the world. And today we can still hear its echoes from all over the world!

Lots of beautiful tandas, emotions, words, videos, and photographs were shared about those amazing 10 editions of our event, and we are thankful to each one of you who joined us in the last editions.

As ‘Sultans’ continues to have such an enormous impact we believe that our party will become more beautiful now that we some good news to share:

Our Spring Edition will be on 18 – 22 April 2024 and will take place in only marathon format like in the previous years with some beautiful innovative ideas.

Spring Tango Marathon Concept

Our aim is to organize the most loved tango event so we prepared something special for you.

Sultans event will start at Thursday Night milonga and will finish with Sunday night milonga.

We will dance 45 hours during the event.

Dance to the amazing tandas of a handpicked international DJ’s.

Party at one of the best venues of Europe.

We will be 250 followers and 250 leaders.

If you like our concept and want to be a part of the event you need to register first, then receive an acceptance mail and finally a confirmation from us.

Please do not make any plans before you receive the acceptance and the confirmation by e-mail. Marathon packages will be distributed according to gender, nationality, dance level and other carefully chosen criteria.

To attend marathon milongas and workshops you should register online for the related packages. There will be no tickets on the spot for those milongas.

It is up to you if you want to register with or without accommodation options. But to have the best possible Sultanic moments, we strongly advise you to select the accommodation option in our event hotel.

Marathon Packages & Prices

Friday (Day+Night) & Saturday (Day+Night) and Sunday (Day) milongas can only be visited by marathon package owners. So, there will be no single milonga tickets on spot for those milongas.

In other hand single milonga tickets for Thursday, and Sunday Night milongas will be available on spot.

All marathon packs will be delivered according to our criteria’s; Gender & nationality balance, dancing experience, positive attitude towards others is some of our criteria’s.

We accept both, single and couple registrations. Please note that the type of the registration is not an acceptance criterion for us, but also keep in mind that we have a limited number of single registrations for both followers and leaders.

There are two basic options for you, with or without accommodation pass.

Marathon Pass Without Accommodation

The pass includes milongas starts with Friday day milonga and finishes with Sunday Afternoon milonga.

You can seperately book Thursday, and Sunday Night milonga tickets via our website through the registration form.

Marathon Pass with Accommodation by Us

Marathon pass owners with accommodation can participate in the day & night milongas for the nights that they are staying in the event Hotel.

The minimum is three nights for accommodations.

Since we have very limited rooms with twin beds (Seperate beds) we won’t put find me a roommate option this time. In this case either consider to stay in a single room or you may choose to stay in a King size single bed with a tango friend.

If your check-in and check-out dates with your roommate/s are not the same, the one who stays longer, is obligated to pay the extra room price for those nights.

Due to the hotel rules, we must also increase the prices of the rooms after the first 60 rooms. Price changes are all applied since more than 60 rooms are booked.

Breakfast is not included in our prices, but you can choose an upgrade room at the registration desk at arrival.

It’s not possible to stay with a non-tango friend or non-tango family member. Except if you have a child between 0-6 years. If your child is older than there will be a 15€ price difference for this extra bed for each night.

Rooms for each participant with accommodation will be booked by our registration system.

People who stay in the hotel can use the hotel pool, fitness area and WiFi for free.

Pricing for Non-Marathon Milongas

Thursday, and Sunday night milonga tickets will be available at door. Pricing is 30 €.

Milonga Program

Our lovely gathering will start on Thursday, the 18th of November and will end on Sunday Night Milonga, the 22 th of April. We will dance more than 45 hours in 4 days.

Top 7 Reasons to become a Sultan!

The warmest tango friends all over the world are keep coming and making our dream bigger and bigger.

Sultans of Istanbul Big 10 Edition will be in marathon & festival format.

All marathon packs will be delivered according to our criteria’s Gender & nationality balance, dancing experience, positive attitude towards others and some more…

All milongas during the marathon period will be at Fişekhane which is super close to our event hotels. Note that the elements of comfort and togetherness are some of our priorities for Sultans.

Before being organizers, tango studio owners, teachers, and DJ’s we were Tango dancers. We travelled the world and connected lots of quality dancers around the tango world.

We only work with the best DJ’s available on planet Earth. No bad music ever allowed. 

Thanks to our warm and experienced team, you don’t have to think about any detail. Every year it just gets better and better.

We love surprises, a lot!! So, there’s always something spectacular around the corner.

Venue & Accommodation

Will be published soon!

Cancellation Policy




Sultans of Istanbul Tango Marathon & Festival 2024

will takes place at 13 – 18 November 2024!




Please email us for anything you need. We will do our best to support you, as always.