Privacy Policy

We consider the protection of your privacy to be extremely important. We want to inform you as much as possible, respect you and give you control over what happens to your personal data. Below you will find information about what data we collect, why we do this, how long we keep it, what your privacy rights are and how you can exercise them.​

We are bound by and use your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of April 27th 2016 (the “GDPR”) and its implementation into national law.


This privacy policy applies only to the personal data we process in our capacity of data controller (as defined under Article 2 below).​

It applies to the processing of personal data of our (private and business) customers in relation to our products and services (for example, when making a purchase with us or when creating a sultans tango marathon & festival account), as well as to the personal data of the end users who, through their relationship with our customer (for example: other people whom our customer buys tickets for), use our products and services.

This privacy policy also applies to those who visit our websites, use our apps and our online media channels, participate in a market research, survey or contest, action, join any of our events or otherwise use our products and services.

For the sake of clarity, processing personal data of businesses is only relevant in the context of this privacy policy if the business represents is a natural person, or – if the business is a legal person – then this privacy policy only applies to the personal data of the natural persons which we process in the context of their relationship with such business (such as mandates, contact persons and/or end users).​


Sultans tango marathon & festival is responsible for processing your personal data. This means that Sultans tango marathon & festival determines the purpose and means for processing your personal data. This does not alter the fact that our customers have a number of obligations in connection with the processing of personal data of the end users whom they allow to use our products and services (for example: other people whom our customer buys tickets for)​

Under Sultans tango marathon & festival can be understood the organizer of the Sultans tango marathon & festival festivals, the licensor of Sultans tango marathon & festival and any future Sultans tango marathon & festival-related products or events, Sultans tango marathon & festival-related artists and all affiliated entities and companies.


Processing activities

When using the term “processing personal data” in this privacy policy, we are talking about our use of personal information that identifies you or is able to identity you, either directly or in combination with other information that is held or obtained externally. Your personal data may include, for example, your name, your contact details, information on how you use our websites and apps and those of our partners and, generally, how you interact with Sultans tango marathon & festival. The processing of personal data received from third parties is further explained in this policy.

Personal data is collected:

  • When you use our products and services and interact with us through different channels. This includes:
    • When you sign up for a Sultans tango marathon & festival account via www.Sultans tango marathon & : your first name, name, postal and e-mail address, date of birth, phone number, preferences relating to which type of communication you wish to receive from us as well as your sex and nationality (optional). When you use/link your Sultans tango marathon & festival account when making a purchase with us, you can access your order history in your Sultans tango marathon & festival account;
    • When you make a purchase with us or one of our official (ticket) partners: your name, first name, postal and e-mail address, date of birth, phone number, details of the order you placed with us as well as your sex and nationality (optional);
    • Any personal information or images you share on our social platforms (Sultans tango marathon & festival, Sultans of İstanbul,  Academia Del Tango Istanbul);
    • Ticket information we assign to you, linked to the ticket(s) you buy
    • Transactional information about your purchase as well as spending, consumption and implied location data when you do transactions on the festival site;
    • Interest in specific products and services on our websites e.g. when using the price simulator;
    • Video, images and other media that can identify you on the festival site, for security and in promotional media at our events;
    • your media consumption and your Artist preferences when using our apps and websites;
    • If optionally enabled by you in the Sultans tango marathon & festival App, we can track your location and share this info with friends you have opted to share this with;
    • If optionally enabled by you in the Sultans tango marathon & festival App, we can connect you to your Facebook contacts who also use our App and have consented to do so
  • From our partners, such as ticket agencies, the venues in which our events are held, artists who share your data with us, to be used by us for the purposes described in this privacy policy. Where required by law, your consent will be sought by the partner to have the data shared with us for use in accordance with this policy;
  • From government agencies (e.g. police forces); and
  • From social media platforms such as Instagram, Google and Facebook, who collect your personal data in their capacity of data controller and obtain your consent (where legally required) to share such data with us in order to enable us to use that data for the purposes described in this policy. Please be aware that your use of social media platforms is governed by the privacy policy of such platforms. We are not responsible for the use of your data on such platforms

Sensitive “special category” personal data

Personal data that can be considered sensitive is not actively processed. However, your nationality, meal preferences and special requests concerning injuries or disabilities might reveal sensitive data. This data is processed by our customer service team, which is trained to respect and handle this data carefully. Tickets containing sensitive data of this type will be flagged and deleted one year after the respective event.​

Personal data of minors

Our products and services are not intended for minors. You must be at least 18 years old to access the Sultans tango marathon & festival festival. Personal data of minors will never knowingly or intentionally be collected.

Minors who intend to use our products and services need to be supervised by the holder of parental responsibility over the child. The privacy of minors will be protected and holders of parental responsibility for the child will be encouraged to take an active part in their children’s (online) activities.

Personal data of non-customers

You are considered as our customer when you make a purchase with us or when you create a Sultans tango marathon & festival account. Through various channels, such as competitions, promotions/actions and our websites/apps we may collect personal data about persons who are not (yet) customers of us with the aim of offering these persons the most relevant range of our products and services. In doing so, we guarantee your right to information and enforce that contractually (as applicable, together with your possible legally required consent) from the third parties who would collect your data in this context.​



We process personal data for various purposes, whereby we only process the data that are necessary to achieve the intended purpose.

As such, we process your personal data when necessary:

  • in the context of the preparation, execution or termination of our sales contract with you;
  • in order to comply with the legal or regulatory provisions to which we are subject; and/or
  • In order to protect our legitimate interests (e.g. to continue to improve our products and services, to follow-up on our performances via anonymized reporting and statistics and to prevent fraud and other legal violations), in which case we always strive to strike a balance between that interest and respecting your privacy, especially when you are a minor.

If the processing of your personal data is not necessary for any of these three reasons, we will always ask your permission to process your personal data. If you choose not to give your consent, or if you withdraw your consent, you will not be able to take (full) advantage of the services offered.

Consent for commercial purposes

After explicit consent, you will be informed about upgrades and additional services linked to your ticket purchase, such as vouchers for restaurants, lockers, parking, shuttles, etc.  

After explicit consent, you can receive commercial e-mails to inform you about all Sultans tango marathon & festival & Sultans Tango & Academia Del Tango Istanbul-related), artists, (social platform), Sultans tango marathon & festival surveys, Sultans tango marathon & festival theme and videos.​

For example, during the registration process of a Sultans tango marathon & festival Account, you will be asked for the aforementioned consents. Your consent is not required for the operation of your Sultans tango marathon & festival Account.

Processing activities

Your personal data can be used for the following purposes:

A. When you create a Sultans tango marathon & festival account via www.Sultans tango marathon &

  • Informational purposes inherent to the use of the my.Sultans tango marathon &  platform. These purposes are part of the terms and use of the platform.​The purpose of the platform is to inform you about services and future ticket sales:
    • Pre-registration for Sultans tango marathon & festival tickets;
    • Ticket Sale info;
    • Sultans tango marathon & festival festival info (practical, line-up, etc); and
    • Ticket Waiting List.
  • Related Commercial Purpose
  • After explicit consent you will be informed about upgrades and additional services linked to your ticket purchase, such as vouchers for restaurants, lockers, parking, shuttles;
  • After explicit consent, you can receive commercial e-mails to inform you about all Sultans tango marathon & festival & Adoracion & Sultans Tango,  Academia Del Tango Istanbul-related), artists, (social platform), Sultans tango marathon & festival surveys, Sultans tango marathon & festival theme and videos.

B.  When making a (festival ticket) purchase (e.g. through your Sultans tango marathon & festival account)  

  • To execute your sales contract and eventually deliver your order, which includes several operational processes from us and our (ticket) partners, including:
    • Order and payment processing;
    • Booking and processing your accommodation and/or transportation, as applicable
    • Buying and processing your lift&ski pass (in context of Sultans tango marathon & festival & Adoracion & Sultans Tango);
    • Booking and processing your purchased additional activities (cf. Voucher sales);
    • Transactional e-mails (such as emails to remind you to personalize
    • your tickets, your e-ticket or your payment confirmation);
    • Printing of, among others, hard tickets (only in case you receive hard tickets);
    • Fulfilment and shipment of your order/ticket/Sultans tango marathon & festival Bracelet;
    • Customer service and dispute resolution
  • Fraud prevention

C.  When using our websites and apps 

  • In order to guarantee the functioning of the websites and apps;
  • To enable the functionalities inherent to our websites/apps (eg. Artist preferences) ;
  • To enable (with your consent) location sharing with selected Facebook friends and connect to Facebook friends over the app;
  • To provide you with personalized content on our communication channels.

D.  When visiting our event(s)

  • Where permitted by law, e.g. in order to prevent crime, criminal records of ticket holders can be checked by government bodies and police forces. These parties may give us negative advice regarding the admission of a ticket holder to the festival or event. In the case of negative advice, we are obliged to block ticket holders from the festival. Such circumstances do not give rise to a refund of your purchase price. We will only provide first name, last name, date of birth and country of residence and will not do any profiling in this matter or look into any criminal records themselves;
  • Security, safety and health procedures (incl. camera surveillance);
  • Fraud prevention;
  • Anonymized reporting and statistics about visitors (e.g. variety of nationalities)
  • Cashless transaction logging and aggregated analytics of this data;
  • Cashless top-ups, cashless payments at Sultans tango marathon & festival and cashless refunds;
  • Your location data (captured via your Sultans tango marathon & festival Bracelet) within the festival site can be used anonymously to leverage our crowd density monitoring systems;
  • Check-in procedures and hospitality facilities (to make sure you find your way to your shuttle or bus, to make your festival experience easier, to help you check in to your accommodation, the festival or a restaurant).

Personal data shared with third parties

We do not give your personal information to third parties unless: 

  • To our legal successors and other companies within our Group;
  • This is necessary for the provision of our products and services, e.g.: 
    • Booking companies;
    • Cashless payments partners;
    • When booking an activity through the voucher sale, we share your personal data with the company organizing the activity in order to contact you regarding the activity and allow them to give you access to your purchased activities, products and/or services;
    • Fulfilment and shipping companies;
    • Ticket providers: Brussels Airlines, Paylogic;
    • Sunweb (our official ticket partner for Sultans tango marathon & festival Winter);
    • Transport companies;
    • Payment processing companies;
    • Printing companies;
    • Mailing companies;
  • There is a legal obligation, e.g.:
    • Tax and accountancy obligations;
    • Police investigations;
    • Local and federal government requirements
  • There is a legitimate interest for us or the third party concerned, e.g.: 
    • Hospitality staff at check-in points (among others but not limited to airports, hotels, B&B, bus stations, train stations and restaurants on site);
    • Operational staff on site;
    • The contractor of our Festival App – Appmiral – can use your data to assist you in problems related to the use of the Sultans tango marathon & festival app. 
  • You give us permission to share your data, e.g.

Your responsibilities towards end-users

If you, as our customer, allow end users (such as family members, friends, visitors and employees) to use the products and services covered by this privacy policy, you have the following responsibilities:

  • You must adequately inform the end users that we, by their use of our products and services, will process their personal data;
  • You must obtain all legally required consents from the end users before their personal data are communicated to us for processing within the framework of our products and services that you allow them to use;
  • You must adequately inform end users of the applicability of this privacy policy, in particular with regard to privacy rights and how they can be exercised;
  • You may not use our products and services to collect personal data in violation of applicable privacy laws or to unlawfully gain access to the personal data of the end users;
  • You must obtain information from us about the level of security of our products and services and take appropriate technical and organizational measures in your sole discretion and ability to adequately protect personal data against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against unlawful or unintentional destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, damage, alteration, unauthorized access or disclosure;
  • You must take all reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of the end users who have access to the personal data. You must not do anything, cause anything or allow anything to be done that could in any way result in a violation of those privacy laws.

Your responsibilities with regards to third-party services

Through our products and services, you can also use the services of other parties such third-party activities through vouchers sale, third party websites, forums, Facebook, Twitter, newsgroups and/or apps. We have no control over the information you place there and how it is processed, nor are we responsible for it. It is up to you to deal with this and to read the privacy policy of these third parties carefully.


Your privacy rights

You have the right to access your personal data at any time and the right to correct any inaccurate or incomplete information. You also have the right to request erasure of your data in writing in duly justified cases.

If you want to exercise the right to be removed to the full extent and have purchased tickets for a future event, these tickets will be cancelled without refund. Your details are needed to fulfil all these services. Your personal data will be removed as soon as possible, except if it concerns information that needs to be kept in pursuance of the law or an agreement.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible, and in any case within 30 calendar days after receipt of your request and after your identity is checked. Depending on the complexity of the requests and the number of requests, this period can be extended by a further two months if necessary. If the period is extended, we will inform you of this within one month of receiving the request.​

You can exercise your rights by sending an email to​

Sultans tango marathon & festival account

Insofar and to the extent you have a Sultans tango marathon & festival account, you can remove your account on the Sultans tango marathon & festival platform to execute the final removal of your personal data. Please note that your personal data is needed to fulfil our services and will only allow a full deletion after your purchase is completed and (in case you bought an festival/event ticket) the event has passed. In the my.Sultans tango marathon & platform you will be able to specifically remove yourself from optional applications like the social platform or non-transactional mailing lists.

All your personal data can be changed in the Sultans tango marathon & festival platform – except for your name and e-mail. To change them you should contact the support desk on www.Sultans tango marathon &  by clicking the support button. Please note that changing the delivery details of your tickets or name changes on Global Journey tickets can incur additional fees.

If you wish to remove your personal details from the Sultans tango marathon & festival platform, you can specifically select the parts in your account that you want to be removed: you can either unsubscribe from mailing lists and specific applications like the Sultans tango marathon & festival social platform or exercise the complete removal of your account to the full extent.​


While using our website and apps, we may place cookies, originating from the domain Sultans tango marathon & or any Sultans tango marathon & subdomain.

A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a website’s computer and stored on your computer’s hard drive.

We do not store any personal data in a cookie that can be used to identify individuals. We can, however, track your activity on online assets for statistical analysis and to enhance your experience.

Although cookies are required to be able to fully use the services and all of its features, you can always refuse to accept cookies by changing the related settings of your browser.

Certain cookies like first party functional cookies and performance cookies are mandatory, other cookies can be switched off in your browser.​


Technical and organizational measures

Appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to protect your personal data against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage. When you provide your personal data through the our websites or mobile apps, this information is transmitted across the internet securely using high-grade encryption.

As described in this privacy policy, in some instances your personal data will be shared with third parties, in which case that third party is required to have appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to protect your personal data.

However, in some instances, we may be compelled by law to disclose your personal data to a third party, such as a government body, and has limited control over how that data is protected by that party.

Processing of personal data inside/outside the EER

The information that you provide to us will be held in the systems located at the registered office in Istanbul or in those of an appointed third party (mentioned above) or our cloud service providers (Wix, Appmiral, Amazon AWS, Stone Internet Services, Zendesk, Outlook 365, and​

We may also allow access to your information by other third parties who act for us for some of the purposes described in this privacy policy or for other purposes explicitly approved by you.

To the extent that personal data is processed outside the European Union, we will ensure through contractual or other measures that such data enjoy an adequate level of protection there, comparable to that which they would enjoy in the European Union, in accordance with the European regulations.

Privacy incidents

Data breaches can be reported by mail to: We have an internal policy and regularly educates staff on preventing and reporting possible data breaches. Based upon the outcome of an impact assessment, we can notify affected data subjects and the Belgian Privacy authorities of the breach.​


We will not retain your data longer than necessary: your personal data is retained in your my.Sultans tango marathon & account and will be removed automatically once you decide to delete your account. Data stored and processed outside of Sultans tango marathon & festival account will be removed once the processing activity is completed and the data is no longer needed expect when we are legally required to keep the records for a specified retention time.​


This privacy policy is without prejudice to our right to take further actions vis-à-vis certain users of our products and services, based on an agreement, the law, regulations, etc and we implement Data Privacy, Data Protection and Data Security by design and by default where and whenever possible.​


We may make changes to this privacy policy from time to time, including as part of the GDPR. The latest version of our privacy policy is always available on www.Sultans tango marathon &​


Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy via

Last update: 24.11.2021

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The Participant grants to the organizers the right to publish pictures, sounds and visual materials etc., recorded during or around the time of the Event, in which the Participant is visible.

The organizers will save personal data provided by the Participant in a database. By participating in an Event a Participant grants to the organizers permission to use the personal data to send information to the Participant and (provided the Participant has given permission for this on the registration form) to provide personal data to third parties for the purpose of sending information to the Participant. By entering into the Agreement the Participant grants the organizers permission to publish his/her name, for instance by means of publication in newspapers and via the Internet.

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